SilverBlue not booting and UEFI not detecting USB sticks. I'm in a pickle!


I decided to test Fedora SilverBlue 31 on my secondary notebook. Windows 10 and Manjaro were installed there, so I had to remove every partition to install SB31 successfully. It installed successfully but it won’t boot. It passes GRUB but gets stuck after Show Plymouth Boot Screen trying to detect drives (/dev/sda4) until now and it took already 20min trying.

This laptop, a Samsung NP530U3C, always had a problematic UEFI. Things like not detecting USB sticks happened many times before. But this time I did the reset of the BIOS/UEFI removing the CMOS battery, discharging the battery. Also remove the UEFI entries for the non used OSes (nothing I didn’t before) with efibootmgr before install SilverBlue. It still not detecting any of my USB boot sticks.

Can I boot from GRUB to the USB stick? Is there an emergency mode on SilverBlue?

How can I get out of it?