Silverblue and Virtualization

as i love Gnome Boxes id like to use it seems like all Linux distros work as should but somehow i cant get Windows running on it might be TPM tools issue or access to tpm emulations.

on virt-manager layered it works and installs Windows 11 with everything only on user level thats not issue, but any idea why this is happening? just because atomic? might be?

what other options i have than virt-manager with user level?
why gnome boxes are not pre installed on silverblue? since it is most used as on the box. Should it be pre installed already not as flatpak?
many questions as i was trying to run and figure the TPM issues that usually on WS was easy to bypass adding those on config file, but not on this situation and tested virt-manager and giving errors as cant connect to libvirt qemu:///system failed to connect socket to /var/run/libvirt/virtqemud-sock: no sucj file or directory

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Added gnome-boxes, libvirt, qemukvm, tpm, windows-guest and removed gnome

Added atomic-desktops

This is a big issue of atomic desktops. The base OS needs to balance out 2 things:

  • stay minimal, otherwise users call it bloat (Fedora generally does that)
  • include many things so users dont need the slow layering process (uBlue does that more)

Especially if you have automatic updates (check with rpm-ostree status), you can just layer these packages. This is a normal way of doing this, I do it too. I use virt-manager as it has way more configuration options.

Both use libvirt, qemu and kvm under the hood, just different interfaces.

rpm-ostree install qemu qemu-kvm gnome-boxes

After a reboot it is there and stays on your system.

Also have a look at @siosm 's Fedora Kinoite image, where libvirt is already added.

Or have a look at blueBuild, originated from uBlue, allowing you to setup your own personalized OS where you could do the layering centrally.

The only advantages here are

  • way faster updates
  • if many people use the same image: more help with specific issues due to your changes

well i think there is something wrong if the answers on fedora silverblue offers to use other spins as sayd for ublue or blubuild. This gives me more oh no feelings that issues are know and solution is to move other spins/someones else build/image where issues are already someone else fixed.

the questions was why there is no these pre installed on silverblue? why not since most of users of silverblue still needs VM and yes flatpak is there to easy install and use, but if we go little more deeper and needing some more settings etc there could be just pre build gnome boxes and tpm tools again much easier to adapt and setup than search forums what i am still missing and what i need more

as you said yes virt-manager has more options and tools and it works as user level so that is valuable to know already, but then again this same could be achieved using gnome boxes as default

Not sure if that assumption is true.

Those that are technically proficient to set up a VM are proficient enough to install the Boxes flatpak or run rpm-ostree install. The subset of users who need VMs can easily have them.

On the other hand, pre-installing every installation bloats the download, installation, and updates of the OS for every single user.

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