SilverBlue 32 + gtk-launch + toolbox broken?

Hi All.

I’m seeing strange inconsistent behavior with SB32 using toolbox run inside of .desktop files (ie. files using toolbox run launched by gtk-launch).

On SB31 they work flawless, however on SB32 they only seem to work 1 out of ever 3 or 4 times. No matter if clicking on the icon or running gtk-launch manually from command line.

Can someone else please test this on SB32?

  1. Create Test Toolbox

$ toolbox create -c apps
$ toolbox run -c apps dnf -y install gnome-calculator

  1. Create mycalc.desktop file inside ~/.local/share/applications/ directory
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=toolbox run -c apps gnome-calculator
  1. Run this by either clicking on “mycalc” icon or from command-line:
    $ gtk-launch mycalc

  2. Compare and contrast behavior versus running directly from command line via toolbox:
    $ toolbox run -c apps gnome-calculator

For me, it only seems to launch once out every 3 or 4 attempts (sometimes takes 8-10 attempts). Perhaps this is happening also in Fedora 32 regular but I don’t have an install to test…

Anyone have any ideas on how to further debug this?

Hi @u297b. I would try to add --verbose option to the .desktop file, try to launch it and see what’s going on. We need to get as much info to see what’s going on.

PS: I never before used gtk-launch.



Here are 2 runs that I did using --very-verbose flag.

Each was launched with gtk-launch (where was simple script using toolbox run -c apps gnome-calculator)

The successful-very-verbose.log shows a good run where calculator opened

unsuccessful-very-verbose.log shows a failed run where nothing happened.

I feel there is definitely an issue somewhere with toolbox run.

I’m currently having this issue with Lutris, Lutris loads fine but when trying to launch origin a python error pops up preventing it from running which doesn’t happen when entering the toolbox and running it. There was also someone struggling with getting kitty to run from a .desktop file.