Should Pagure (actually notifications be email-repliable?

Honestly not sure where I’d even file a bug on this, so I’m asking here: When participating in (or having started) a pull request @, the system sends email notifications of new comments. Should it be possible to post a followup comment via email reply?

I thought the answer was “yes”. (It is on GitHub and GitLab, among other such services, and I thought Pagure was feature-equivalent in that regard. But GitHub/GitLab also explicitly say as much in their notification emails, whereas Pagure’s say “To reply, visit <url>” so maybe I’m wrong.)

Regardless: I tried to respond to a notification via email reply, the other day, and only when the Google MTA returned a non-delivery notice — 24 hours later — was I informed that my attempt was unsuccessful:

i would think that, if Pagure doesn’t accept email replies, the reply address for notifications should be set to an immediately-undeliverable (bouncing) address, not one hosted at an unresponsive hostname that only fails after lengthy timeouts. supports email reply, so I assume not supporting it is an intentional decision. I suggest raising this on the infrastructure mailing list.

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Given the reply-to address, it might even be accidental fallout of the demise of I’ll see what infra say, thanks.


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