Should I disable firmware updates from discover, if dual-booting with windows 11?

I am using Fedora KDE 38 on Thinkpad E14 gen 2 which came with windows pre-installed.

I asked chatGPT, and it said it is recommended to install firmware from the OS which the manufacturer supports i.e, windows.

On the same note, if I disable firmware updates from discover, will it also disable it from dnf update if not, then how do I disable it from dnf update?

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Firmware is updated by fwupd, while only Linux packages are updated by dnf. Disabling fwupd should not affect the operation of dnf update, as dnf update does not handle firmware updates.
Apparently it is terribly wrong. I apologize for the advice I gave previously.

Some vendors support Linux on certain models.

Lenovo participates in the Linux Vendor Firmware Service. If Lenovo supports linux on your model, you do not need to use Windows to install (system vendor) firmware updates.

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Mmmmm. – No!
Much firmware is downloaded and installed at the system level when there are updates to the linux-firmware package. Most installed hardware has firmware that is updated by the firmware packages downloaded and installed in the OS by dnf. Main boards and some others, OTOH, are not.

It seems more correct to say that some select and limited firmware is updated by fwupd.

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