Setting default programs is not working

Hi there,

I installed a fresh Fedora Rawhide; I went for minimal system, with XFCE;

The only issue so far is that setting the default programs thru the xfce settings does not seem to take, it always launches firefox, claws, pragha; I cannot make it switch to use chromium, thunderbird, strawberry.

What I mean is that it is set to those programs, it reads Thunderbird, chromium and strawberry, but it ignores it, and keeps lauching the others.

ie. clicking on a mail message in thunderbird, launches firefox, even thou it is set to use chromium, etc.

I am going to try vivaldi and see if uses that one when is set to it.

Is anyone else having this issues? thx.

Hi @anon51196573. This forum is not meant for rawhide discussions. As you’ll know, rawhide is the untested, unreleased version of Fedora. Please use the Fedora QA or Fedora devel mailing lists for rawhide related discussion:

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Okie dokie then, thx.


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