SELinux reconfig?

I have a bit of a frankenstein system, win 7, 10, and fedora 31, with limited drive space, so I was messing around, and wanted to add a couple partitions for /var and /home to free up space on / … thought I was taking proper precautions but on reboot, no network, screwups abound… SELinux contexts I’m thinking… can I just get it to reconfigure?

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To answer your question, yes you can relabel your system on reboot:

sudo fixfiles -B onboot

More information in the man page:

man fixfiles

I was checking back to update, I managed to undo what I had done, touch /.autorelabel and reboot a time or two, and it’s back to normal more or less, It’s been a long while since I went poking around in the basement of an install. Apparently SELinux keeps its state files in /var, so mounting another /var is probably really ill advised. I was just trying to free up some space in root / by moving mainly /var/www and /home to this other space I freed up. Most of my past experience with UNIX/Linux guts was on SysV derived stuff… :slight_smile:

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Yet another update… doing /.autolabel or basic fixfiles is still leaving little buglets, odd, arcane errors from things I’ve never heard of, like aurorae, no idea what that is… anyway. My current attempt at a fix that actually fixes, is essentially

for fn in $( yum list | awk ‘{print $1}’ ) ; do
yum download ${fn}
fixfiles -R ${fn}.rpm restore

which has been running for a while now, but I’m hopeful that might get things going properly again.