SELinux contexts for homed-managed users' home sub-directories


While solving my homed-manager user issue with OpenVPN, I noticed that SELinux contexts differs for homed and “normal” users, e.g.:

Please ignore the last row and the .cert for which I fixed SELinux context myself.

My questions is whether it is worth to make SELinux contexts and maybe policies same for homed-managed users as for normal ones ? The expectation is that for homed-managed user his/her apps/SW would work same way as for normal user, but that’s not always case due to incomplete SELinux contexts and maybe policies.

Could anyone with better knowledge of SELinux comment on this ? Yes, I know, that SELinux policies for homed are not fully ready, but having same SELinux environment for all kinds of users would help in the future.

Artūras B.

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