Existing directory on home cannot be used to log in to graphical desktop (Plasma) => selinux?

Recently, I have switched from openSUSE to Fedora out of curiosity.
I’ve done a fresh installation on / and mounted my old encrypted /home after installation.
Also, I’ve added new users which existed previously (uid 1001, 1002, 1003).
I could log in to the graphical desktop (KDE Plasma) without problems with the user created during installation (uid 1000), whose home directory was created then, too.
With the existing users, this was impossible. Any login on SDDM dropped me back to the login screen after a few secons. Login on a shell was possible.
I’ve then resolved the problem by moving the old homes to /home/userBAK and and created new homes /home/user. Then, I could log on graphically, too.

So, I’m curious: it seems there is some kind of selinux property set to the existing directories in /home which prevents SDDM to log in. What is it exactly, and how can I remove or alter it to make these directories “valid”?

Thanks in advance!

You should be able to see the SELINUX context for the files using
ls -lZ

May want to take a look at:

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