Selecting which kernel to boot from. Advise required

Sorry to ask. I’m working on an ARM platform probably with uboot (I know petit boot is disabled).
Platform is Odroid N2+. Looking really nice Fedora is F35.

After performing a dnf update/upgrade I found a new kernel installed in the /boot folder.

Current kernel is 5.11
Other kernels present is 5.14
New kerenel is 5.16

However when rebooting the new kernel is not chosen. I’m not sure if grub2 is used for ARM platforms so the documentation doesn’t seem to be right (probably just me as I don’t have strong Fedora skills).

Can anyone advise me what needs to be configured on Fedora ARM to chose/select a different kernel to boot?

Do I need to use arm-boot-config to regenerate the boot.cmd?

Will you get a boot menu after pressing Esc or Shift while booting?

Do you have a grub2 folder in /boot?

If yes check if you can use grubby.

Did you see this:

There appears to be grubby that reports that kernel 5.16 is the default boot!!!

I installed grub-customizer and it seems to have a UEFI boot entry.

Both of those are wrong. So I’m guessing that whoever setup this N2 distro has hacked something together using uboot.

I’ll probably have to find the author!

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Quoting the wiki:

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Yeah I have already been to libera. Didn’t get a response or see any activity. I’m not confident that it still been used!