Screen blank service


Power management settings from gnome interface doesn’t seem to work anymore since some upgrade. Particularly the part that says “never”.

Could you please help me to kill once and for all this nightmarish setTimeout service that is turning my screens off after 30 seconds.

Thank you!

There is a Gnome extension/app called Caffeine that might be helpful.

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That could spare me the worst case scenario, which was a script that dispatches a key-press event at 29 seconds interval, I will check it up if nothing better arrives.
Thank you.

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Update i found one of my services blown up:

nvidia-powerd service

I don’t know what it does but the name suggest it could be related.

gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.session idle-delay

for 5 minutes it should be,
uint32 300

to set it,
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session idle-delay 300

Gnome Settings, It’s available under Privacy → Screen Lock → Blank Screen Delay
or Power → Screen Blank.

For what it’s worth, I did see this on a laptop I setup with Silverblue at #scale19x for the Fedora booth (some ancient ThinkPad very much on its last leg of life). The timeout and screen dim was disabled in settings, but it kept dimming it anyway. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it on my equipment and wasn’t in a place to file a bug report on it, but I can verify I’ve seen this happen recently, myself.


Same thing is happening here. My screen turns off every 30 seconds of inactivity.
For me, disabling DPMS by xset -dpms solves the issue. However I don’t see any misconfiguration of DPMS.

This is my GNOME settings

And this is my DPMS config:

DPMS (Energy Star):
  Standby: 0    Suspend: 0    Off: 0
  DPMS is Enabled
  Monitor is On

(If DPMS is following this config, the screen should never turn off)
Any idea?

Also, DPMS is actually important. Without DPMS, after the set “Screen Blank” time, the screen will dim to dark but will not turn off (Backlight still on), which does not save any energy.

For what it’s worth, the same unwanted screen blanking bug under xorg X11 has been reported on Ubuntu:

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