Samsung Galaxy Book 2 360 Backlight Issues

Hey all, just got a Galaxy Book 2 360 (non-pro) this last week and have been enjoying Fedora 37 on it. My only 2 issues are: I can only adjust the backlight brightness using an xrandr scipt for the screen & the keyboard backlight does not have any control.

Running lshw I have under pnp00:03 what appears to be the keyboard itself. My /sys/class/backlight only has an intel_backlight, nothing for the keyboard. Similarly, I only have a phy0-led that is my ethernet LED that is controllable under /sys/class/leds/. None of the fixes I’ve seen for older models or adjacent models seem to have worked (brightnessctl & d-bus). Anyone else with more experience have any ideas where to get started further from here troubleshooting?