Samba-winbind 32 bit version


I wanted to install using Lutris in Fedora 31, but the needed dependency samba-winbind-clients.i686 is missing on my system and could not find it in the repositories. However, the 64 bit version seems to be present. Where did the 32 bit version go?

:thinking: Strange.
If you look here: samba-4.11.4-0.fc31 | Build Info | koji, it was correctly built for every architecture.
If you look here: the i686 rpm is not available (as well in

Honestly I don’t know why.

Out of curiosity, I submitted the question to the devel mailing list.

And this is the answer:

It’s not a library, so it definitely won’t be in the 64-bit repo. The 32-bit repos have been discontinued, so the only way to get it now is from koji.

This is a consequence of this change: Changes/Noi686Repositories - Fedora Project Wiki

So the only way to install it is:

sudo dnf install \ \

Please note that you should update it by hand whenever there is a new version of the package.


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