F38 silverblue will not update samba-common

Hello all,

I have a problem that is perplexing me. I have a fresh install fedora silverblue 38 and I’ve been attempting to install samba on it but I am having a package conflict. Can someone help me figure out how I can resolve it?


The issue comes down to the fact that the version of samba-common that is on the fresh install is in conflict with the one on in ‘updates’ as noted in the log link.

  • cannot install both samba-common-2:4.18.3-3.fc38.noarch from updates and samba-common-2:4.18.3-1.fc38.noarch from @System

I’m not able figure out how to fix this. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!

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I tested this on my machine, and it does seem to be an issue. I’ve raised a ticket for you here.

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