Samba share to windows server

I am trying to create a samba smb share from my fedora Linux server to my windows servers/machines.
I can access the do stuff within the home directory, but it’s only 16gb I need to access my 5tb drive system. Anytime I do this, it breaks my samba, if I add the external directory I can still see my home directory but I can’t access the folders.

Any help is appreciated.

Note, I have tried this multiple different ways. Including mounting the drive in the home directory, keeping the drive mounted in the default directory /media/username/. I have tried creating a link folder in the home directory share folder, to the backup directory folder.

Ah yes because I totally didn’t say that it works inside the home directory which is what that entire doc is, and it doesn’t work outside.

Post the output as text:

sudo testparm -s
grep -e /mnt/Backup /etc/mtab
ls -d -l -Z /{,mnt/{,Backup/{,Backups}}}
journalctl --no-pager -b -u smb.service