Salt Stack users: dnf5 issue

FYI, the recent changeover from dnf to dnf5 in Fedora 39+ has broken pkg.* states for Salt Stack. I’ve created an RH BZ and an upstream bug.

Thanks. But I’m not sure if this fits into Common Issues . I think we mainly target it as documentation for stable releases, or at least Branched/Beta, not Rawhide. And this is the first time I heard about Salt, so I don’t have a good estimate if it impacts a sizeable portion of our user base. Let’s wait if there are opinions from other people.

Maybe not an issue with fedora, but I would guess its likely to be a big issue for rhel.

I have just talked with DNF5 developers and they claim that --allowerasing is still a valid option, but they made it command specific and not global anymore.

Therefore, the correct usage should be dnf5 install --allowerasing <pacakge>. The syntax with dnf5 --allowerasing install <package> does not work.

I do not know anything about salt, but can this be controlled from the user’s perspective? If so, just change it. If not, this might be reported to upstream.

The devels promised to document it in a better way.

Entirely likely that I miscategorized this, as it’s my first Discussion post.

I don’t think there’s any problem with suggesting it here. It’s a fine place to start for something that might be a widespread problem.

FYI, this is now fixed in rawhide.