Running SilverBlue from 8G USB stick?



Just because I am intrigued about the tech, I am about to install SB from scratch on my workstation (currently running F28 XFCE) but I was wondering about the nature of SB / Project Atomic etc - does this tech make it more practical to boot SB from a USB stick and have the more heavily used stuff installed on the SATA drive?

I am thinking of a USB stick that could either act as a LiveUSB if plugged into a new computer or recognise my workstation and load anything it might need from there if it is plugged in - including where /home is etc.

Basically this is just an exercise but I was wondering . . if this idea is not practical, then I will just do a conventional install from the LiveUSB and see how SB suits my particular situation.




AFAIK the hard part here would be a proper live version of Silverblue. Off the top of my head, the cleanest way to handle this would probably be using systemd mount units to either mount a your partition if present or a tmpfs to /sysroot/home.

That being said, you’ll still have to run upgrades on the USB, which won’t be particularly fast…


@refi64 ,

Right - I thought it probably wasn’t viable . .