Run Flatpaks on startup

I am on F33 silverblue so close to all my graphical applications are in the flatpak format. I am wondering if there is any way to start apps in their “run in the background”/daemon format on computer startup. Specifically Gear, Discord, and Franz for desktop notifications. Especially on a distro on Silverblue where I am rebooting relatively often it is very annoying to have to manually open and close all these apps just to get notifs.

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Sorry I’m not an expert in silverblue, but gnome-tweaks works for that purpose under Start-up Applications


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I have tried this, but I would prefer they all run as background services, or at the very least on a separate workspace

I found a very hacky, if not lucky solution… but it works:

  1. Geary actually has a built-in function to do this I simply created the file .config/autostart/geary.desktop with the contents:
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=flatpak run org.gnome.Geary --hidden
  1. Franz is a different story. Firstly, on my adventures I found Ferdi which is better than Franz in every way. To get it autostarted, I simply checked the “Minimize on startup” option then created a similar file through gnome-tweaks. I still wish I could find an alternative to Ferdi as it’s still a fat chromium app with no GTK, but so far, I know of nothing like that.

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