Fedora Budgie Atomic xdg-desktop-portal and Flatpak apps (automount USB, also)

It seems like the problem is this.

I have the same scenario. Easyeffects, PikaBackaup… any app with background service (or notifications) can’t get those permissions.


Looking at what it is installed in Fedora Budgie Atomic:


Flatseal can’t give access to background or notifications. It is greyout.


Less important, whenever I plug in a USB drive, it won’t auto mount. It shows in the sidedbar file panel and then I can click and mount it. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t automount like in any other linux distro.

Those two issues are not present in my other PC with Fedora Silverblue using Gnome. External USB automount and background and notifications can be enable for flatpaks apps, so I guess it is a Budgie problem. At least in the Atomic version.

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The background portal (among others) was removed from xdg-desktop-portal-gtk in 1.15 because the implementation uses private GNOME Shell API. Budgie needs its own portal implementation for this.

Do you know if there is any plan to make this happen in Budgie or where I can keep an eye on it