Rtl8821ce wifi driver doesn't work after updating to kernel 5.9.8

after kernel 5.9.8 successfully installed, I can’t find any network, it keeps scanning for networks but with no results, even for saved networks that are already listed, I can’t connect to them and this message appears “activation of network connection failed”.
I tried to reinstall the driver,

 cd rtl8821ce
 git pull
 sudo ./dkms-remove.sh
 make clean
 sudo ./dkms-install.sh

nothing changed after the reinstallation. any suggestions? thx.




I understand that you are using the DKMS module, the stock driver (included from 5.9) doesnt that work for you ?
It works just fine here on my laptop! I dont know but it is not so that they to some extent are in conflict with each other ?

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