RTL 8723BS - WiFi Connection Drops ~5 Minutes after Boot


I just installed Fedora Workstation 38. I have a cheap Chinese laptop which works wonderfully on Fedora. Only issue is that WiFi will connect on boot and after around 5 minutes will start to drop off. Eventually, I will be unable to reconnect except by rebooting the whole system.

I’ve done some digging around and see this is a common issue with Realtek products. My Direkt-Tek has a RTL8723BS (this chip is such bullsh*t so at least they named it correctly!). I suspect I’ll need to install the proprietary drivers and blacklist the ones being currently used. I’ve been down this road before a while back. I had no issues with this particular adapter in Linux Mint. I really enjoy the Fedora interface as it runs a lot smoother and looks more “modern and polished.”

Searching through the forum I haven’t found a post that is recent and directly addresses the RTL8723. Hopefully someone here can guide me in the right direction.



Below is a link to access the results of my HW probe:

Might be just using an older kernel changes something.
kwizart/kernel-longterm-6.1 Copr

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Realtek rtl8723bs product description says 2.4 GHz. Many locations have a lot of 2.4GHz “noise”, so you may be better off either replacing the internal wifi if it is socketed, or using an external USB dongle with 5GHz support.

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