Rsync inside toolbox/distrobox

I’m using Silverblue and I need to create a rsync cronjob. I was thinking to do this inside a toolbox/distrobox with fedora installed, but I cannot find anywhere how to autostart the container and add the cronjob so that it works as created directly on the host system.

Anyone can help?


Auto starting Podman containers (Toolbox included) is done using Quadlet and systemd. I’d recommend creating a dedicated container for your rsync job instead of using your normal Toolbox. Here’s an article I used to get started:

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was thinking to do. But so I can create the timer directly inside the container and just autostart the container? Is that the thing that I’m struggling with. I would read the article tho.

You could install and run cron inside the container. Or you could have the container just do the rsync job and leave the timer operation to a separate systemd timer that starts your container.