Rhbz#1955327 - New Fedora Logo needs to be reflected on business cards

I noticed this months ago (April 2021) and created a ticket for it, but it’s still just sitting there with no activity. Bugzilla assigned it to Brian (bex) Exelbierd. Does anyone know who should handle this?

If the project went to the trouble to design a new logo, all references should be fully updated. Especially the business card generator.

As the ticket says, the options vertical and horizontal use the old design.

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I see:


Thanks, the pagure ticket was entered after I created the bugzilla report and it isn’t entirely correct. As I mention in the bugzilla report the application has been partially updated.
fedora – uses the new format (and defaults to horizontal)
fedora-horizontal – uses the old format
fedora-vertical – uses the old format

Basically, this is half done. Whomever updated it neglected to point the fedora-horizontal to the same format as fedora. I’ll try to contact one more time before I start the orphan process.

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Probably a design team ticket is the best way to get results here — think of it as “upstream” from the package itself.

Thanks Matt, I’m using the bugzilla process for tracking the package change. It’s needed for bodhi, etc. At least for me, when I notice an issue with a package, the first place I look is bugzilla. I have opened a design ticket for the request to change the affected templates within the app, and noted that in rhbz. Once I get a response (hopefully) on the design ticket I’ll make the changes to the source and then build and update.

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