Reverting dnf packages changes


Hello everyone, im currently having some trouble finding solution. I wanted to ask if it is possible to revert or remove all dnf packages I installed today. For example i opened dnfdragora and want to undo all changes done on 14.12.2022 as you can see and go back to how it was on 13.12. Undo option in dnfdragora is not working.I havent done any backup (reason of this problem is I messed up whine conffiguration and it seems to me best solution is to remove all dependencies and start from start) Thanks

error window i get when using undo option on packages that broke me

From the man page of dnf:

dnf history undo <transaction-spec>|<package-file-spec>
      Perform  the  opposite  operation  to all operations performed in the specified transaction.  Uses the last
      transaction (with the highest ID) if more than one transaction for given <package-file-spec> is  found.  If
      it is not possible to undo some operations due to the current state of RPMDB, it will not undo the transac‐

So you list your transactions using dnf history, find the number of the transaction that you want to undo and use that in the dnf undo command.