Resume from Suspend requires to press a key 2 times

Every time I resume from Suspend mode I have to press the keyboard 2 times, to get to the login box, in Ubuntu just one time, is there a reason for the behavior? Thanks

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Can you pls give an output from inxi -Fzx #shows systeminfo in Terminal ?

Is your Ubuntu system running Gnome 40 or is it still 3.38? I noticed this same behavior not only in Fedora but also on my Arch systems as soon as I upgraded to Gnome 40. The first keypress wakes up the machine but doesn’t enable the display. It takes a second keypress, and sometimes more, to get the display turned on.

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Thx for this information, this is why I asked @logi for more details.
I find it a bit sad that new user just register not read a minute and make a comparison with Ubuntu.

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Would like to encourage @logi to take some more minutes tor read #start-here