Requests for help

We’ve received two requests for help so far:

Since @ramyaparimi is a co-lead of the websites & apps revamp, it may make sense to let her take this at first. If the load proves too much, we might put someone else on it to help so she can focus on the co-lead duties.

For #17, if you’re interested let me know by the end of the weekend and I’ll pick someone on Tuesday morning based on how well your skills and interests match what that project needs.

I’m told to expect another request for help soon. Of course, I expect we’ll all share information and pitch in to help each other as these projects evolve. In the meantime, let’s keep trying to find opportunities for our team to help out!


Replied in the ticket for #17. I’m not a web dev, but as I don’t expect to be involved in the site coding at all, that’s largely irrelevant.

I would be happy to be part of #17 however it doesn’t look to me as initiative for one person especially in first stage of project where we will have a lot of coordination, meetings and communication until we have clear vision (also I think we should be engaged since the beginning to avoid situation where everybody will focus on design but forget about other important things like UX, what we want to promote more, what less or if everything how to do this intuitively, what about mobile devices, mobile first or web first, who is our target, maybe except website we should build some marketing strategy as we will have proper content to promote it etc.).
@bcotton I think that #17 is perfect example of initiative where from time to time it will be good to have some PgM sync-ups to be up to date, it will also allow us to change people assigned to this with time if needed.

Yeah, it’s possible that we’ll need multiple people. I’d look to the person assigned to this (or any future projects) to bring in other team members to help as needed.

We have this forum and the Matrix/IRC channel. Scheduling a regular meeting will almost certainly mean leaving some of the team out, which doesn’t help. It’s better to make sure we’re regularly communicating status as we go. We’ll have to work out our team’s norms for this as we start to see what works. One possibility is to create a Discussion topic for each project and provide regular (weekly? bi-monthly? monthly?) updates there. Or we might keep a text file in one of the repos with key information and statuses.

hello together,

iam open for both projects.

Best regards

Hello @bcotton ,

how we will now go forward with this topic´s ?

I assigned @pawelzelawski to #16 and @ramyaparimi to #17. I’ll leave the issues open until we resolve the Maintaining status information question. Good luck to both of you and be sure to ask the rest of the team for help as you need it and to share what you learn along the way.

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