Removing wine-stagging completely

I uninstall wine just few days ago. Because I don’t need any Windows application and I just try to make sure if wine really completely removed on me system. And when I try to wine --version I see that wine-7.20(Staging). I try everything to sudo dnf remove wine-staging-i , sudo dnf winehq-staging , and sudo dnf wine-staging . But always ended on No match for argument: wine-staging No packages marked for removal. Dependencies resolved. Nothing to do. Complete! Guys can anyone tell me how to remove Wine staging completely on my system

sudo dnf provides wine, will tell you the package that provides wine.
sudo dnf list installed wine* will tell you what is installed that matches wine*
sudo dnf remove wine, should remove it.


Thanks for this sir! But other than staging I found other wine is ok sir to remove those as well?

Yes if you’re no longer using wine.

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