No match for argument: winehq-stable

Hi I have fedora 30 and I want install wine but when I try this command dnf install winehq-stable show this error:

No match for argument: winehq-stable

Hi @mahdi313: welcome to the community!

The package is just called wine, so sudo dnf install wine should do it.


This step only works if you have the wine repo enable in your system… and you would like to switch between:

  • Stable branch
  • Development branch
  • Staging branch



Thanks, guys I just wanted to install wine by the official way from the official website by adding the repo I know how to install from this command so sudo dnf install wine but I just wanted to try the official way.Thanks

I point out to you the step to do that…

dnf config-manager --add-repo
dnf install winehq-stable

However is a good practice to look at the database before install it any windows program under wine and check the compatibility: