Remove full disk encryption F38

I have a Fedora 38 system spanning multiple drives using btrfs with full disk encryption. There are some windows 10 partitions on the drives as well that I would not like to loose. This was all set up using Anaconda without any special settings, just selecting multiple drives and entering the decryption password. I now would like to remove the full disk encryption.

  1. Is there any way to do this without formatting the drives (aka loosing the data on the drives without backup)? I would imagine this to be similar to encrypting a home directory using cryptfs, which can be done “live”.

  2. is there any way to do this without reinstalling the system?

In any case I would back up my data, but I would like to not have to reinstall the system if possible, as restoring my home directory caused problems with SELinux last time.

Thanks in advance!

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It is possible, but tricky - I’d personally just reinstall myself.

One of my systems is actually unencrypted since I’m hoping for Btrfs transparent encryption to be available before I retire the hardware :sweat_smile: (resorting to raw file- backed LUKS volumes for now for sensitive data)

Here’s the guide if you want to try