Undo encryption selected during the installation of Fedora 38 Workstation

During the installation of Fedora 38 Workstation I’ve set a check mark for encryption. As far as I remember, it was about a Luks encryption. I’ve entered a password for it.

Now, I’d like to remove the encryption.

I’ve found these websites but don’t know whether they are about what I’d like to do:


How can the encryption be completely undone, so that the system is, as if I wouldn’t have set the check mark?

Backup personal data and reinstall.

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What does the above 100% (totally) mean?

I think, that @augenauf is 100% right with the proposal to backup and re-install.

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AFAIK the only way to remove disk encryption is as suggested by @augenauf & @arturasb .

Once a disk is encrypted it seems it cannot be directly undone but must be overwritten with out using encryption.

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