Remove files created in toolbox

I installed toolbox on F35 and decided to play around with it a bit by installing ghc and stack within the toolbox. I have a question though: if I decide to scrap the toolbox, how can I delete the files created from within the toolbox, too?

As I understood trow away and start over.

Christian Schaller: So how does a development pet container work? What are the advantages of using Toolbx as opposed to just developing directly in your host OS?

Debarshi : First of all, if you are running Fedora Silverblue, then the advantage of Toolbx is quite obvious. It gives you a command line shell that behaves just like a traditional package-based OS, where you are not forced to reboot after every ‘dnf install’.

However, Toolbx is in no way limited to immutable operating systems. Lots of people use it on package-based OSes like Fedora Workstation because of several secondary benefits. First, it gives you a level of separation between the host OS and your development environment. Even if you mess up /etc or /usr inside your development environment, it won’t break your entire host OS. Second, you can set up several different environments on the same host OS. These can be programming language-based or project-based. They can even have entirely different OSes. eg., Fedora Rawhide or Fedora 33, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, on a Fedora 35 host.

Fundamentally, a development pet container is different from the usual (cattle) container in that they are long-lived. The user is expected to use them interactively through the command line interface over an extended period of time. These containers are very rarely, if ever, thrown away and re-spun.

Thanks for the reply! I tried scrapping the container I made now but, unfortunately, it didn’t remove the dirs it created; I had to remove them manually.

Toolbox shares the user home directory, so those files will stick around after removing the container.

To clean up means to remove with dnf as installed with it? Or does dnf also let some overlefts?

Removing the toolbox will remove any packages you’ve installed in it with dnf.
Files outside of your home directory should be gone.
If anything was modified in your home directory it will stay.

IE …
If you were using bash and decided to try zsh in a toolbox. If a .zshrc file was generated while in the toolbox as part of post login setup or you manually created one and then you decided to remove the toolbox those files would still be present in $HOME

… sorry if I’m over-explaining.