Reinstalling Gnome DE in Fedora 38

I recently upgraded to 38 from 37 and got some issues with Gnome. Some extensions and themes might’ve been the culprit. I tried removing/disabling them and in the process I kind of broke gnome somewhere. I have more issues now, and it warrants a reinstall, but I got confused about the process.

I tried a sudo dnf group remove gnome-desktop but it appears it will remove just 39 packages of 45MB and not the DE itself.

My logic was to remove gnome > go into CLI only >sudo dnf group install gnome-desktop again, but I don’t know all the steps.

Is somebody able to provide me with some instructions in regards to reinstall Gnome in its entirety please? fresh install of distro is not an option sadly.

You do not need to reinstall.

All the setting will be in your ~/.local and ~/.config typically.

What i have done in the past when faced with such issues is add a new user to the system.

Then login as the new user to slowly configure stuff.

Once its working look to see what files are then in the .local and .config
and copy the config into the original broken user.

did just that now, added a new sudo user and logged. gnome is indeed responsive as this one. as to the files from .config and .local, I’ve seen only the dconf file in .config increase in size as per configurations. The GTK folders are kind of the same.

I don’t really know if it would be wise to simply copy the new user’s dconf over the new ones.

You could rename your .local and .config out of the way then login and let gnome setup things from scratch. Better yet figure out which folders inside each are gnomes and remove them.