How to restore old wallpapers

I’m upgrade from 38 to 39.
On 38 there was a wallpaper make by litlle square
I like it and try to reinstall it.
$ sudo dnf in f38-backgrounds-extras-gnome

$ sudo dnf in f38-backgrounds
This 2 command not put it bak.

There where an url where I can download the F38 wallpapers and manual install it in my gnome?

I try to look into pakages like f38-backgrounds and on google all araund but I cannot find it.

best regards

It may have come from gnome-backgrounds. You can check older branches in its upstream repo, e.g.:

Thank you.
You have put me in right direction.
I have download drom 42 to 45
It seams be 44 truchet-d.webp
I’m not sure.
I try to download some other repo

dnf search backgrounds will give a whole lot of packages that contain wallpapers.

if you want to filter by the one provided by the Gnome project, use dnf search backgrounds | grep gnome

So, in your case, for Gnome 44 (shipped with Fedora38) it should be

sudo dnf install f38-backgrounds-gnome