Rebase failed, what should I do next?

Hello. I tried to rebase from Fedora 37 to 38. Firstly I made sure 37 was up to date, no futher updates:
rpm-ostree upgrade

I then pinned the current branch, so rollback is possible
sudo ostree admin pin 0

I then started the rebase:
rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/38/x86_64/silverblue

I got this error:
error: Could not depsolve transaction; 2 problems detected:
Problem 1: conflicting requests

  • nothing provides system-release(37) needed by rpmfusion-free-release-37-1.noarch
    Problem 2: conflicting requests
  • nothing provides system-release(37) needed by rpmfusion-nonfree-release-37-1.noarch

I believe the issue is, I had a toolbox with rpm-fusion, and ffmpeg installed in there. It was just a trial of toolboxes, so at this point I did the toolbox rm to remove it.

But I am unsure what I should do next? I attempted t just run the rebase again, but the errors are still there. Do I need to boot into the pinned branch and rollback? Or can I just fix this rebase and rerun it?

This link: How to rebase to Fedora Linux 38 on Silverblue - Fedora Magazine

Question: I have rpm-fusion layered and I got errors during rebase. How should I do the rebase?

Answer: If you have rpm-fusion layered on your Silverblue installation, you should do the following before rebase:

rpm-ostree update --uninstall rpmfusion-free-release --uninstall rpmfusion-nonfree-release --install rpmfusion-free-release --install rpmfusion-nonfree-release

But, I am unsure where I should do that. Do I first need to boot into the pinned branch, rollback, and then do that? Also, rpm-fusion was only installed in my toolbox, and that toolbox is now removed. I am unsure that I need to uninstall rpm-fusion from outside the toolbox?

Also, I do have Jellyfin installed in a ostree, but I am not sure that is the issue.

A related question: My Fedora PC is headless. Is there actually a way to boot back into the pinned branch from SSH? I am hoping to not have to bring it into the office and plug in a keyboard, mouse and monitor if the GRUB boot selection is needed.

Thanks, I appreciate any help, as Fedora is very new to me.