R 4.2 not available in Fedora 36

Hello, I use the R programming language. The latest available version is R 4.2, but on Fedora 36 which I just installed yesterday, I’m only seeing R 4.1.3, which is several months old now.

Interesting, Rstudio (the development environment for R) is the newest version.

Is there a way to get the newer version of R from official or unofficial repositories?

Hi @chicagonyc , welcome to the forums.

Please take a look at the introductory posts in the #start-here category if you’ve not had a chance to do so yet.

I don’t see R 4.2 even in rawhide, so it hasn’t made it to Fedora yet:


There’s a pull request, but as you’ll see the build does not pass, so it requires more work:


It’s probably best to comment there or on this bug requesting the maintainer to update, and they can note what their plans for this are:


I note that R 4.1.3 was only released in March, so it’s still quite a recent release. 4.2 was released only ~3 weeks ago, during the final stages of the F36 development cycle, so I would’ve been very surprised if a major version update had been made to make 4.2 available in F36.

If you do want the latest release in the meantime, you should be able to download the builds that the R community provides from any of their mirrors:


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Understood. It’s just too soon. At the very least, I won’t have to wait until the next distribution release Fedora 37, like I had to with Ubuntu where R wouldn’t be updated in between releases.

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I’m not too sure about that. The general updates policy discourages major version upgrades in released Fedora versions. So it’s best to speak to the maintainer to see what they think: