Qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld and the upgrade to f38

I’m getting the follow warning

$ sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=38
Skipping packages with conflicts:
(add '--best --allowerasing' to command line to force their upgrade):
 qt5-qtbase                                      x86_64   5.15.11-3.fc38                        updates                                                          3.6 M
Skipping packages with broken dependencies:
 qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld                       x86_64   5.15.12-4.fc38                        rpmfusion-free-updates                                            46 M

What to do?

My edition is KDE Plasma.

I see that there is this component among the downgrading list

qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld x86_64 5.15.12-1.fc38 rpmfusion-free 45 M

Is it counted both as downgrade and as skip? why?

and the summary is

Transaction Summary

Install 94 Packages
Upgrade 2694 Packages
Remove 7 Packages
Downgrade 102 Packages
Skip 2 Packages

Is it ok to have all those downgrade packages?

I would remove qt5-qtwebengine-freeworld and try again.

Unless you’re using a Qt5 QtWebEngine-based browser like Falkon, you probably won’t even notice the difference. That package provides patent-encumbered codec support for that browser engine. (Fortunately, the Qt6 version doesn’t need anything like this.)

If you still get conflicts after that, please share the full output.

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First you would want to verify that your system is fully upgraded to the latest package versions in the running release with sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

After that then try the version upgrade again and see if there are any changes in the messages.

Theoretically there should be nothing downgraded, but at times there are. Having done the upgrade refresh step tries to make certain all will be properly upgraded to the new release version without problems.

When looking at packages in 3rd party repos this sometimes happens and as long as you make note of everything the upgrade proposes to do there is seldom anything to be concerned about. You can always reinstall packages from a different repo if needed.

i’ve removed that package and now I have only 8 downgrade packages.

For example golang from golang-1.20.10-3.fc37.x86_64 to golang x86_64 1.20.10-2.fc38

Not really. The version number is the same. The build is different.

Thus it is not really a downgrade.

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Perfect, I was thinking the same, thanks for the confirmation.