Python upgrade to 3.5+ on Fedora 23

I’m running Fedora 23 as part of a music server (Vortexbox). Can’t do anything about the fact that this version is very old as vortexbox is no longer maintained.

However I would like to run other code (home assistant) on it that requires Python version 3.5 or later. I’m running 3.4.3 at the moment.

Can someone point me to the upgrade instructions to upgrade Python? Also based on the instructions it is recommended to run home assistant in a virtual environment (venv). Will the system wide python version be automatically available in the venv or does it have to be upgraded within the venv? In other words would I upgrade inside or outside the virtual environment. This is how I realised the issue in the first place as the install of home assistant failed with the message that the Python version has to be 3.5 or later.


I suggest moving to a version of fedora that hasn’t gone EOL, the oldest version would be Fedora 31.

Thanks Tom.

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If moving away from F23 really, really, really isn’t possible, then your best bet would be to get a suitable Python version from & build it yourself, or get a suitable version for a later release from Fedora’s archive and hope for the best. I think F24 had an update to python 3.5.

But maybe there are some better maintained music servers around you could use instead?

The best option to run old and unsupported software is virtualization:

I wonder what exactly you are doing with Vortexbox and if we can’t find an alternative to that (based on something LTS, not Fedora). Vortexbox is dead since 5 years - I guess it’s time to move on!

Are you aware of Kodi and/or Plex? Would they serve your purpose?

Thanks for the response guys.

If if wasn’t for the fact I’d like to use this under utilised machine for something else I wouldn’t be touching it “as it just works and has beautiful sound” and while I appreciate the comments on looking for alternatives, that wasn’t really the question :slight_smile:

@vgaetera if I was to run this on VirtualBox isn’t the first step to select the OS - afterwhich VB would be installed? I have a complete .iso containing VB on F23 and a rebuild wouldn’t be an option. I simply don’t have the skills to do that and get VB running on the latest Fedora version

Found another distro based on F25 and Python 3.5.4. Turns out I need Python 3.7. Is there a way to upgrade via a sudo dnf update .... command or would I have to build this from source on my system?

If you cannot install the new version on the host, you can try to use it on the guest.

Sorry don’t follow you. Are you referring to the Python upgrade? It looks like I could run Home Assistant as long as I have Python 3.7 so wondering what’s the easiest upgrade path

I’m not sure that upgrading python is the easiest way.
Did you consider to run Home Assistant in a VM?

Haven’t considered that path as it would mean not being able to take advantage of the under utilised F25 machine, right?

Just checked and there are virtual appliance files (OVA, VMDX) available.

So unless you need expert skills which I don’t have (or Python 3.7 is not available for F25 anyway) I would probably want to exhaust this path.

If I absolutely have to I can build another PC away from Vortexbox.

Do you know Volumio OS? Still not sure what you are using the box for but volumio does beautiful playback and doesn’t require a lot resources.

Haven’t heard of Volumio OS but it sounds like this is another network music player…

I have now spent more than a week trying to get to an upgrade path but I can’t see anything that doesn’t require significant understanding of the underlying Linux version or Python. Given I’m not strong in any of these I’ll drop the idea of using Vortexbox to host Home Automation and will build a separate system.

Given the pointers towards other music servers I probably spend some time researching alternatives that support the Logitech Media server.

thanks again, guys!

Have you considered trying Plex Media Server?

I use it on my F32 machine for both my video and music libraries that I can access from my smart TV. It has both free and paid versions and as long as the hardware is compatible possibly would meet your needs while allowing updates of the OS. It certainly would not tie you to an obsolete version of python or the OS as VortexBox obviously does…

Thanks. I haven’t although I’ve seen Plex Media Server before.

The reason I’m hesitant is I have a few players (Squeezeboxes) - essentially DACs piping music throughout the house.

Bought myself some time as I found a VortexBox update to F25 and now run Home Assistant on VirtualBox.

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You might try Plex and see if it works for your needs.

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