Push miniupnpd bugfix

Hi everyone.

Here’s a nasty bug in miniupnpd daemon introduced by incorrect sed replacements in the .spec file, which makes the daemon partially unusable.


The bug is left without response for half a year. The issue contains .spec file patch attached, with a trivial fix. Could any Fedora developer apply the patch and bump the version?

Thanks, @valdikss, for proposing a PR.

Since you are logged in here, that means you have a FAS account. With that you can log in to dist-git, where all changes to packages are tracked, and open a PR yourself.

For more information on the packaging process and for some great tools packagers commonly use, see the documentation[1][2].

  1. Installing Packager Tools :: Fedora Docs ↩︎

  2. Pull Requests :: Fedora Docs ↩︎

Thanks, done.

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