Fixing this bug?

Hi all,
I’m quite new to this and had a question for somebody who has time and interest to give an overview of how bugs get fixed in Fedora versions.

So there is this bug 1749086 – Needs updating for Fedora 31 background etc.

Desktop backgrounds need to be updated.

Its updated in this patch:

Which includes these builds:

Now, how does one make this “fix”. Do you download the git archive of the whole F31, create a new directory F31-backgrounds and upload the new files and then update an XML configuration file for KDE?

Or do you just download the subdirectory above desktop backgrounds, add the F31 backgrounds directory and background files and then push it back upstream?

And once the update is made, how does it end up in the bodhi updates system?

This question is just a sample I picked because it seems relatively simple, but what I’m really trying to grasp is how and where files are edited to make contributions to code.

Basic instructions for updating an existing package are in the wiki. A quick workflow is:

  1. Check out the source of the package in question
  2. Edit the RPM spec file and any patches/source code/etc as necessary
  3. Push to git
  4. Build in koji
  5. Add build to a Bodhi update (via the web ui or fedpkg update)
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