Problems with wireless connection

When I run the installer I am unable to connect via wifi, I need it to be via wifi since I cant use ethernet cable. These are my devices:
Captura de pantalla 2023-11-12 180615
I appreciate any help

Are you asking which one to pick?

I would assume you need to use the 802.11ac one.

I know which one I to pick, I am showing them because maybe I have to install a missing driver or something because when I run the installer there is no option for wireless connection

Apparently you need the driver for RTL8822CE.

I’m not into Realtek drivers and don’t know which ones are part of kernel and which ones need to be installed from lwfinger but I’m sure others can help.

Maybe related: Unable to get WiFi working - Realtek 8822CE

I think the solution you provided is the one I needed, I only need to know how to use/load the driver in the net installer