Problems with Wine and Winetricks

By following the WineHQ Wiki I can successfully install Wine in Fedora 32, also make it 32 bit in order to be able to install some dll files in order to run my old copy of MS Office 2000 professional (don’t ask… I just want to). For this I need to install Winetricks. However I find it nearly impossible to install the latest version of Winetricks, or even a decent earlier version. I have tried using Software installer - which doesn’t seem to be able to find it most of the time, and on the rare occasions it does, it is the older version which insists on creating a new 64 bit default prefix in Wine and therefore cannot install the 32 bit dlls. Choosing another prefix doesn’t seem to work.
Any ideas anyone?

The version of winetricks in the repo is a bit older, but not that old and it works fine.

Alternatively, since winetricks is just a bash script, you can copy and paste the code for the latest version into a text file and save it as winetricks. Then just ‘chmod +x /whereever/winetricks’ and then you can use it from the command line.

By the way, the wine version packaged with Fedora is very good and comes with all of the things you’ll need for a good experience. I would do a simple ‘dnf install wine’ and see if that version works first before trying WineHQ.

Many thanks Darkus.
By trial and error - and downloading the Fedora wine package and ‘converting’ to 32bit before using Winetricks… hey presto it now works fine for me. I now have my ancient copy of MS Office professional working fine (though I’m not quite sure why I bother, now Onlyoffice and LibreOffice are available from Fedora).

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