Problems with fractional scaling


I have activated fractional scaling on Fedora 33, and I have noticed recently a very specific bug. I have to monitors, one scaled at the left to 125% and the main monitor at the right of if scaled at 100% : this layout is also entered in the setting, so that I can go with the mouse from the left monitor to the right monitor continuously.
I noticed that when opening the activities, half of the dock is only displayed, because icons are way to large. Then when I hover with my mouse over the dock, some strange artefacts hapen. After I hovered over all icons, all goes back to normal.

Does someone know if it is a known issue or if not where could I report it ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Could you please send a recording of the issue? Either with a mobile device, or using a desktop recorder like Kooha, whichever shows the behavior better.

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I now upgraded to Fedora 34, but will try to reproduce it on F34, or just reboot on F33 to record the bug :wink:

I was able to create some artefacts and severe visual bugs also on Fedora 34: with dash to dock activated and fractional scaling. It happens when opening the applications view and scrolling the different pannels with the scroll wheel from left to right: Here are some bugs: