Enable fractional scaling with Fedora 34

I am using the default, Wayland, only 100 and 200%, I tried login with X11 and the scaling is the same, is there a way to address this, I really need 150%

Gnome has experimental support for fractional scaling that can be enabled.

That being said, have you tried increasing the font scaling instead? Although it isn’t intuitive, most UI elements scale with the font size and that will often provide more consistent results than fractional scaling.

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I tried the experimental scaling and for me it was too slow to be usable.

Maybe I missed the topic, since I’m not sure about what fractional scaling means.

For me it works best to scale the text only:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface text-scaling-factor 1.5

In the gnome-tweaks app or in some versions of “settings” there used to be a whole display feature to enable fractional scaling of the display, instead of just 100%-200%… This is useful when the resolutions is very high (say 4k displays), specially when we have 2, one, say, 4k and the other one 2k or less.

This feature is not present in an upgraded Fedora 34 has. However in Gnome tweaks there is a similar feature which allows us to scale the font. Most of the UI scales with the font size, so using this feature to fine tune the UI to our displays and visual abilities generally works well.