Problems upgrading 38 > 39

I’m a long time Fedora user and usually the cli upgrades have worked fine. But this time I can’t get past “downloading metadata for repository ‘fedora-modular-source’” which gives a 404 error.

Just to chk my network, I tried to manually download the metalink for F38 which works fine: (
but …
doesn’t seem to be working.

Is this temporary or is there a work-around?

You can delete any *-modular.repo files in /etc/yum.repos.d/

They were dropped as part of Changes/RetireModularity - Fedora Project Wiki

I believe they would have been removed on upgrade if they hadn’t been user-modified. (fedora-modular-source isn’t enabled by default after all.)

It looks like the metalinks for the rest of the modular repos redirect to the the last development version of the main F39 repo.

Edit: I just realized you’re still on F38. In that case, you should probably just sudo dnf config-manager --set-disabled fedora-modular-source. If those files are still present after the upgrade, you can delete them then.


I guess for we “laymen” things are not so obvious. Many thanks for your guidance, it looks like we’re back on track again - resolved I think. Downloading and installing the new Fedora - can’t wait! Great support, thanks again!

Do you know why fedora-modular-source was enabled? This is the second case I’ve seen so far. I’m wondering if something should be done to mitigate that, as seems to have been done for the other modular repos.

I personally have never seen that fedora-modular-source repo enabled unless it was deliberately done by the user. Fedora does not enable any source repos by default.

In fact this forum only yields 13 threads when searching for that repo name and only 2 (this one included) in the last year.

I have to admit that I run somewhat on “auto-pilot” with Fedora. The “fedora-modular-source repo” was somehow enabled by default somewhere along the years I have used it. I don’t ever visit these files unless I have a problem. Fedora for me, has been a seamless experience and I’ve enjoyed every minute. Your support is fenominal and I really appreciate the attention - that’s why I abandoned Windows many, many years ago!

Just to confirm that this issue is now resolved and F39 installed perfectly overnight after disabling the fedora-modular-source repo. Don’t know how or when it became enabled or even present on my system, it has never been “user-modified”. I am probably not alone, so maybe other users should be advised.

So, thank you very much for your assistance, it’s always much appreciated.