Problem with usb redirection in xfreerdp

i’m using fedora kinote 40. i’m trying to use the cointainer created by this project: GitHub - dockur/windows: Windows inside a Docker container., but when i connect with xfreerdp and try to redirect usb with the /usb:auto paramenter, i get the error: libusb_open: error LIBUSB_ERROR_ACCESS[-3] .
can anyone help me?

They apparently recommend FreeRDP. How are you running your xfreerdp application?

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I installed xfreerdp via rpm-ostree

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Fedora Kinoite 40 does not include the KDE Plasma Desktop with x11 anymore. You need to use a client with Wayland support to my knowledge (maybe running an X11 client through XWayland works?).

And yes, FreeRDP is said to work well, KRDC is the KDE Plasma remote desktop client that should also work.

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thanks, but I don’t understand how to pass the usb devices through KRDC.