Problem with unpowered monitors on boot

Hi there. I am trying out fedora for the first time.

I have a weird problem. If I boot my computer with power to my monitor(s), I get picture and everything works as expected. However, if the monitor(s) does not have power when I boot, I get no picture when I give them power.

have one of the monitors connected upon boot, then give power to the other one, they both get power. So this only happens if neither of them have power during boot up.

In Windows, I get picture.

if I boot with the screens powered up, then remove the DP cables and put them back in it works. The same if I unplug the power, then plug it back in, it also works… it is only if I boot with them without power that this happens.

I run amd gpu.

Any suggestions as how to start finding a cause and a fix for this error?

To me, this sounds like expected behaviour, if there is no monitor detected (power off), the graphics output remains off. Why power a graphics adapter if no monitor is connected. Also, how would the kernel decide on a resolution without feedback from the monitor…

Thank you for your reply. It seems indeed that you are correct. I booted into console only with arch linux and didn’t get any picture. I thought this would only happen under X, but I was mistaken.

Well, during my time in Windows I’ve grown accustomed to starting my computer while doing other stuff, then turning on the monitor at need. So technically, it is possible to make a kernel support this. But this is no error in Fedora. Perheps it is a design choice in the kernel - I dunno. Would be interesting to know the full details though.