Problem to install a F36 kernel

Please Have a look at, 2071034 – Installing kernel 5.17 doesn't copy relevant files to /boot/


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If you have a directory /boot/efi/xxxxxxxxxx (the xxxxxxxxx would be your machine ID) that contains the kernel files then remove that directory with rm -rf /boot/efi/xxxxxxxxxx then reinstall the kernel and it should properly place it in /boot. I have seen a few posts about this issue and the bug listed above shows it well.

Thanks, removing /boot/efi/<machine id> fixed the problem for me as well.

I still have the problem that attempting to remove the older kernel 5.17.6 triggers a mass removal of packages. It looks like that might be due to not having the kernel-headers package for 5.17.7 installed, but that package seems to be missing from the repos at the moment. I’ll open a new topic for that problem if I can’t fix it on my own.

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As reference:

(same issue)

Good catch !
I felt under this bug… which is not closed so far. I guess next time the kernel will upgrade, I will have same troubles (and same workaround ?).

Anyhow, thanks a lot for pointing to the right bug.

IIUC once this directory is removed the updates work normally. Some systems have been hit with this bug and others avoid it totally. I have a laptop that was upgraded from35 → 36 and a desktop that was upgraded from 34 → 36 and had no problem with either. Some small number of others have seen that problem, thus no fix for the bug as yet.