Problem installing downloaded .rpm text editor

I have just migrated from Manjaro to Fedora 33 and am getting used to several new aspects of this OS.

Wanting to install the text editor I use - vscodium, I downloaded
codium-1.51.1-1605141277.el7.x86_64.rpm and tried to install it with dnfddragora.

The install appeared to go to conclusion with no visible error. But I cannot locate the executable. It should be in the Fedora launch menu; it is not. ‘which codium’ or ‘which vscodium’ should locate it. It does not.

I’m clearly misunderstanding something elementary, but so far cannot see what it is. Can someone orient me to what’s going on?

I’m on an Acer Spin 7 laptop - Intel core 7 chipset.

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Follow the instruction on the official site adding a repo:
VSCodium - Open Source Binaries of VSCode

It works for me.

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Thanks to both of you for your fast, helpful response. It’s installed. Very happy.



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