Who install discord in Fedora

hello I would like to install discord, steam and Visual Studio Code.

but I can’t do it, I installed several RPM.

I think this is a very stupid question but if you can help me it would be really great.

Steam is working very well:

you can get it from RPMFusion: discord | Package Info | koji
However the way the discord works results in time gap between new version is released and when new version is shipped as RPMs. And you can’t use the old discord client.
So I use Flatpak Discord and it works very well, without any issues with updates:
Discord | Flathub

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Steam is very easy.
Enable the 3rd party repo rpmfusion-nonfree-steam from the software menu then from the command line simply sudo dnf install steam

For VSCode follow the instructions here

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It would be better to post a separate topic for each question. Repositories and install procedures will be different for the three programs.

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thank you for your response in fact I realized that my RPM installer was not activated

Images are discouraged on forums since they are not searchable and only give a partial view as can be seen with that one cut off at the top.

Please run dnf repolist so we can actually see the full list of enabled repos on your system. Post that as text that you copy & paste with using the preformatted text button </> on the toolbar so we see it exactly as you do on screen.