Problem installing a virtual machine on fedora

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the spanish phrase says “the file or directory does not exist”

I haven’t used Virtualbox in ages, but my hunch is that perhaps something wasn’t fully installed successfully. Perhaps do a fresh install of Virtual Box and see if the problem persists.

I am curious if there’s a specific need for Virtual Box, since you can run do virtualization with KVM (built into Fedora) using Gnome Boxes or Virt Manager.

Edit: One other thing crossed my mind looking at your screen shot. Does just manually typing /sbin/vboxconfig also fail?

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When you install VirtualBox from the rpmfusion repositories you don’t need vboxconfig and it isn’t provided.

If you first install akmods and then run the command kmodgenca you can just install VirtualBox and everything gets installed automatically. The last thing is to enroll the generated key

- Ask MOK to enroll new keypair with certificate with the command
  `mokutil --import /etc/pki/akmods/certs/public_key.der`.
- mokutil asks to generate a password to enroll the public key.
- Rebooting the system is needed for MOK to enroll the new public key.
- On next boot MOK Management is launched and you have to choose
  "Enroll MOK".
- Choose "Continue" to enroll the key or "View key 0" to show the keys
  already enrolled.
- Confirm enrollment by selecting "Yes".
- You will be invited to enter the password generated above.
  WARNING: keyboard is mapped to QWERTY!
- The new key is enrolled, and system ask you to reboot.
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Thank you very much for answer. “I am curious if there’s a specific need for Virtual Box” Ill install fedora for learn linux with freecodecamp, but then I decide to change and start the odin project since I see everybody talk good things of it, however they use ubuntu as distro and I ask if I could use fedora instead, they said It didn’t change much but it was recommended to use ubuntu for the odin project because the course is designed with that in mind and the discord chat administrators would politely refuse to answer questions related to anything not included in the curriculum they manage, is for that I want to use a VM I was not aware about the posibility of use a KVM built into Fedora, ill try it. Your edit was correct I type /sbin/vboxconfig instead of /sbin/vboxconfig, It was such simple error, again thank you very much for answer my question, have a good afternoon.

Thank you for reply, I am rethinking the need of download a VM since I was not aware you could use a KVM built into Fedora, however thanks for your answer and your kind help.